Al Makassed Dawha School aims to raise responsible individuals, capable of influencing their local and global communities by equipping them with necessary scientific, literary and technological knowledge, as well as developing their critical thinking and analytical skills and applying them all practically while exhibiting positive attitude, responsibility, integrity and respect for themselves and others.


The learners at AL Makassed Dawha School are capable of facing the challenges of the day. They are lifelong learners, fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue higher education while employing the methods of inquiry, analytical thinking and logical analysis. They show responsibility, integrity, respect to others and love for their country. They are always up to date with the latest technological trends and fast adapting to the local and global changes.


Teaching with love is our philosophy because with love and empathy we can make a big difference and we can transform the impossible to possible.
We believe that everyone can. Our aim is to empower our students to reach their full potential and make a difference.
We work on promoting social and emotional learning through which our learners can gain the skills and knowledge they need to identify and manage their emotions, understand different perspectives, show empathy for others, set and achieve positive goals, develop and sustain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.